Georgeta Grabovschi

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Every time I have seen in Georgeta Grabovschi a painter determined to reach perfection. It is a mission most likely never to be accomplished, but the simple fact that you are walking on this road is relevant, it means almost everything; it means she knows to make that connection, so rare to be found, between the painter and the model.It is not an easy road, but one for which each exhibition means a Some time ago, I sow a very nice series of paintings with women dancers. It was motion, it was whirling, there were dresses evaporating in the atmosphere, there were wonderful things.This time, we are in another area. It is not about women dancers anymore, it is about the music these characters are generating. We are looking at a painting for which I find a match, though vaguely, in the mean time very interesting, with a lot of similarities, in the Lionel Feilinger’s painting, an artist for which the surfaces were like ice crystals, everything sparkling on them. I notice quite the same thing in these paintings that have, in the same time, transparency and consistency, they have color, a color that is always melted by the silver atmosphere surrounding them and, strangely, they have an uncommon force. As the music we see, is the music we feel being performed, we feel it somewhere, being released from a torment, from a weariness, I would say from the struggle of those behind the painting, behind the image we see first and then we discover its profoundness.

Radu Ionescu (Critic of fine arts)


 Georgeta Grabovschi has a special gift of suggesting by a few touches an expressive gesture, a movement, a posture.Without giving up the art of drawing, the color is the main tool of her artistic message.The color has unsuspected virtues, emotional virtues; it has an extraordinary power of impact on the looker’s eye. It is the first step made towards this work of painting in order to reveal its meanings.The painting of Georgeta Grabovschi follows the spirit of Umberto Eco’s saying, that Art is an opened masterpiece. Everyone can see in these paintings personal beliefs and feelings, reporting himself to the known world.The painting of Georgeta Grabovschi is an unmistakable voice, an excitement of the inside, a remarkable force. It is not what can be currently called a feminine painting; on the contrary, it is the painting of a woman with reflexive force and power.

Maria Paleolog (Critic of fine arts)